Could you imagine if that really happened? According to Ada Famulari, the hiring manager of the Today Show internship program, said that this sweet resume got a free pass to the top of her pile all because of the cookies. That may have worked for that lucky individual but what about the rest of the 12 million unemployed? 

Standard resumes are “so yesterday” and job seekers are pulling some crazy stunts to make sure they catch an employer’s attention. Breaking out of the confinements of an 8 ½ x 11 inch paper resume gives you the pizzazz to separate from the 12 million Americans that are unemployed and struggling to land a job. But let’s be real, how far are you really willing to go to get noticed?

Yesterday morning, the Today Show featured some of the radical and excessive ways jobs seekers are competing for attention. In the past, these extreme steps may have landed your resume a one way ticket to the trash, but now many are realizing the value of showing employers the different aspects that make you different.

One potential applicant played into the hiring manager’s sweet tooth, baked a batch of cookies and stuffed them into an envelope along with her resume. I’m sure that hiring manager really enjoyed the cookie crumbs and chocolate smeared across the resume but at least it stood out against the others. Another created a lightning speed, 6 second Vine highlighting her skills as “Idea machine Dawn Siff and Deadline Jedi”. Unless you have the entire collection of Star Wars on Blue-Ray, you may have missed the galactic nerd reference, or the entire Vine considering it was 6 seconds long.

Over-the-top resumes scream “look at me” just about as much as posting a naked picture of yourself on a dating site. Granted, we would never suggest something that extreme but to highlight my point, over the top isn’t for everyone. It may land the one out of 50,000 a job at the next Star Wars convention, but for everyone else there’s a much easier, but still creative solution.

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